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The right way to refuel on protein!

Many of us know after a good workout we need to refuel with protein, but don’t always know the best quality protein to go for and the full benefits of protein post workout, so we have gathered a summary to help you make the right choices!

What are the benefits of eating protein post workout?!

• It enhances your recovery
• Muscle repair & growth
• Helps prevent inflammation & injury
• Builds & repairs tissue

We all think we need to eat a very high amount of protein to get the full nutritional benefits for our bodies, but what is most important is the quality of the protein. It’s about getting protein from the right sources, for example, turkey and chicken are two of the leanest and most filling sources that are perfect to supplement our diets and can be added to many dishes.


Here are the top sources of protein to add to your meals with the calorie and weights worked out for you:

• Skinless Chicken Breast 53g = 284 calories
• Lean Brief 85g (with only 10% fat) has 22g protein = 184 calories
• Turkey Breast 85g = 146 calories
• Lean Pork Chop 100g = 250 calories

The recommended dietary intake is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight or 0.36 grams per pound. For the average male this would be 56 grams per day and for females 46 grams per day. This will vary depending on the amount of exercise you do and your muscle mass, so it’s always good to have a bit extra protein to help repair and grow your muscles if you’re doing a lot of exercises which include weights.


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