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Core exercises to improve your running

Runner Core Workout

If your looking to improve your running, building your core strength will help improve your overall running performance! Strength and core exercises benefit your running by preventing injuries, but also improving your running posture and therefore help your speed.

As a runner you need good core muscles to stabilise every part of your body whilst running. A weak core can cause your body to fatigue more quickly. Core strength stabilises your torso and reduces wobbling when moving your arms and legs, enabling you to run more smoothly, reducing excess energy being expended. Better core strength will also help your balance which means you can recover quickly from missteps avoiding injury.

Your core is more than just your abs - it includes your hamstrings, glutes, hips, lower back and oblique muscles. A balance core program of exercises will improve your general health and more importantly for runners out there – improve your running efficiency.

These simple exercises cover everything from your shoulders down to your hips and more importantly you don’t need equipment so there are no excuses!

  • Plank – Good for shoulders, back and abs (increase modifications over time to increase difficulty).
  • Windshield wipers – Lie with your back on the ground, bend your knees and lower to the floor one side, back to the middle and then lower to the other side, retaining 45% angle. Straighten your legs to increase difficulty (works obliques and lower back).
  • Bridge – Lying with your back on the floor lift your hips until your knees, hips and shoulders form a straight line (works lower back and glutes).
  • Reverse Bicycle – Lying on your back, one leg in the air whilst the other is parallel to the floor (works abs and legs).
  • Lateral Leg Rises – On your side lift your leg in a controlled manner, 30 reps each leg (works your hip flexor, core and abductor muscles).
  • Clam Shells – On your side knees together thighs 45 degrees from your body – open your knees but not your pelvis (works gluteus medius, hip and outside edge of your bottom)
  • Pistol Squats – one legged squats (works quadriceps & glutes).


Happy Running!

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